Charcutepalooza November: Curing: Bresaola

So we come to the end (almost), the final Charcutepalooza challenge, curing a whole cut of meat. Arguably, as long as you have your curing formula right and a place to hang the cut to dry at the right temperature and humidity, this was one of the least challenging challenges. Or maybe that’s the end result
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Charcutepalooza March: Brining: corned beef

One of the quickest and easiest ways to change the flavor of a food is to brine it. Essentially a heavily salted liquid with aromatics, a brine can add flavor to meats and fish, turn vegetables into pickles and, in the case of this month’s Charcutepalooza challenge, alter the profile of beef brisket into the
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Charcutepalooza February: The Salt Cure: bacon & pancetta

Pork belly. I’m going to let those words roll around your tongue for a while. Perhaps I’ll type them again. Pork belly. Beautiful words, yes? Before February’s Charcutepalooza challenge was even announced I had acquired a thick, fatty, gorgeous pork belly from a pasture-raised Berkshire pig. It had been delivered on a Friday morning by
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Charcutepalooza January: Duck Prosciutto

The above is duck prosciutto that I cured and dried at home, a remarkably simple process but one that I hadn’t done myself in a few years. Anyone who knows me wouldn’t be surprised to find cured meat hanging in my basement. But since the girls have been born I’ve found less time for doing
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