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Olga’s Cup and Saucer is a cafe and bakery that serves customers through several different channels. We serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch at our retail location at in the Jewelry District in downtown Providence. At farmers markets, we sell our scratch pastries and bread. We wholesale bread and pastries to restaurants and cafes throughout RI, and also offer a catering menu.

The Director of Operations will have experience in multi-channel food service management with a focus on delivering excellent customer service with high quality products. This management position will be a role model for the OCS culture and execute flawlessly on financial measures and outcomes.

You will report directly to the owners. You will oversee, manage, direct, delegate, and execute all operational activities as well as to recruit and retain the highest performing managers and team members.


Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Managers, team members, and other personnel:

·      Develops, obtains buy-in, communicates, and executes with all stakeholders plans for the operations, training, and staffing of all areas.

·      Directs, monitors, and reviews the performance of all business areas (Retail, Farmers Market, Wholesale, Catering) and provides necessary coordination and communication between business areas and respective teams.

·      Identifies personnel hiring and training needs, develops professional development plans for subordinates, recommends effective personnel actions, and coaches direct reports.

·      Participates directly in operations to ensure business area and OCS success.

·      Achieves OCS success in gross sales, cost control, customer service, food quality, facility management, sanitation and cleanliness, and other relevant metrics through training and extremely high work ethic.

·      Establishes goals and processes for each business area, works with managers of each area to develop specific sub-goals and performance against targets

·      Responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and otherwise retaining new managers and providing ongoing coaching and mentoring to ensure high customer service standards and consistent product quality.

·      Supports business area managers with termination decisions, action plans, write-ups, and other corrective action deemed necessary.

·      Partners with all business area managers to ensure that all team members, FOH and BOH, are educated on food knowledge and process to continuously improve and ensure high customer service.


Customer Service:

·      Develops, obtains buy-in, communicates, and executes with all stakeholders plans to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, sales growth, cost control, and profitability.

·      Makes himself/herself available and accessible including weekends, nights, and holidays to improve the customer service experience and work environment.

·      Responds to customer inquiries, concerns, or complaints, taking action to delight customers by listening and turning them into satisfied customers.

·      Be hands-on involved with marketing and promotional events, including but not limited to social media (Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, our website, etc), to improve the OCS brand and increase brand awareness and acquire loyal, satisfied customers.


Operational & Financial Management:

·      Works with owners and managers to develop professional development plans for business area managers. Identify rising stars to develop into future managers.

·      Reviews performance against operating plan and metrics. Provides regular reports to managers on analysis, develops action plans for course corrections, and supports execution of action plans.

·      Presents performance reports to owners on a monthly and quarterly basis. Communicates with managers to ensure financial and operations targets are relayed in a transparent, actionable, and accountable way.

·      Develops specific short, medium, and long-term goals, and underlying plans, programs, budgets, financial models for OCS overall as well as for each business area including: retail, catering, farmers market, and wholesale.

·      Reviews and approves cost control reports, cost estimates, and facilities reports.

·      Plans and oversees any major projects involving major business area changes in support of long-term strategic plans.

·      Maintains a positive working relationship with vendors, suppliers, maintenance personnel, and any other contractor.

·      Fully understand and ensures all health and safety restaurant policies and procedures are being followed.

·      Fully understand and comply with all federal, state, county, and municipal regulations that relate to health, safety, labor, and other licensing requirements for continual operations of OCS.


Food & Beverage – Health & Safety:

·      Ensures that high quality food is presented at all channels.

·      Ensures sanitary practices for food handling, cleanliness, and maintenance of kitchen and BOH, dining, storage, and all OCS areas including delivery and farmers market vehicles.

·      Ensures compliance with operational standards, company policies, federal/state/local laws and ordinances.

·      Maintains systems to ensure inventories are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

·      Maintains systems to ensure timely maintenance of equipment and facilities.

·      Strives to reduce waste wherever possible (food, paper, etc) to reduce carbon footprint and improve cost control.


Required Education, Knowledge, and Experience:

·      Business degree preferred but not required

·      5+ years of hospitality and/or food service restaurant management experience

·      Must be ServSafe Certified (food)

·      Must be fluent with computers (Mac & Windows) as well as food service and business systems (e.g. timesheets, POS, Quickbooks, Google Drive, etc.)

·      Deep knowledge and passion for food, service, beverage, and leadership

·      Fluent and article in both verbal and written English. Spanish fluency a plus.


Required Skills, Competencies, and Characteristics:

·      Strategic thinker paired with detail-oriented problem solving operational mindset required.

·      Strong written, verbal communication skills and exceptional soft skills.

·      Conflict resolution and issue de-escalation skills to resolve customer issues with tact, diplomacy, and respect.

·      Extremely strong people management and leadership skills

·      Extremely strong multitasking, organizational, and time management skills. Critical thinking, problem solving, working under pressure all required.

·      Ability to adapt quickly to change.

·      A professional, respectful demeanor and a positive representation of OCS as you will be the face of OCS for most internal and external matters.

·      Financial literacy and aptitude for cost accounting, inventory management, and financial management including but not limited to budgets (profit and loss statements).

·      Relentless drive to seek and adopt best practices throughout the business.


Work Environment:

·      Food service environment where you may remain standing on your feet for up to eight hours.

·      May be required to stoop, kneel, reach, lift, and or carry up to 50 lbs while working.


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