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The Production Supervisor is responsible for the oversight and implementation of all culinary activities related to contract manufacturing on behalf of Hope & Main, reporting directly to our Executive Director of Operations. Responsibilities will include preparation of specific, contracted food products, both independently and as a part of a team. This individual must be able to follow strict recipes, operational plans, and fulfill all HACCP requirements. We expect an extremely high level of cleanliness and vigilance over food safety regulations and industry best practices. Non-Disclosure Agreement required. Part time position. 10-15 hours per week, mostly evening/overnight hours.

A strong communicator who is organized, dependable and clearly demonstrates culinary competency with a positive attitude. This individual should have general knowledge of commercial kitchens, the equipment therein and related, and be able to troubleshoot common issues.

– Lead production and quality controller of contract manufacturing products
– Supervise accuracy of recipes, measurements/scaling, pH specifications. (Includes calibration/maintenance of related equipment.)
– Monitoring and recording of processes, HACCP, time and temperature
– Occasional ordering of ingredients and supplies
– Staff training/supervision
– Thorough, regular cleaning and sanitation of kitchen and equipment

-ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification
-Culinary degree/certification
-Ability to lift at least 50lbs
-Ability to stand for long periods of time
-No food allergies
-Availability on nights/weekends/holidays
-Reliable access to transportation

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