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Savory Fare 3rd Birthday Bash

The event will feature cooking demos, tasting tables, a chance to give feedback about the company website, and a fabulous birthday cake, baked especially for the occasion by master chef Rosa Munoz.

Savory Fare, a Hope & Main culinary incubator business, is celebrating its third anniversary later this month!

Launched as a senior-friendly home-delivery enterprise in 2017, Savory Fare evolved out of founder Mary Hughes’ personal chef business, which also catered to the needs of an aging population.

“I realized there would be a whole group of people, just like myself, who would be happy to get great food prepared and delivered to them in their home,” Hughes said.

Hughes, who started her business as a senior citizen, says there is an overwhelming need for food support for older people who want to stay in their homes as they age. Savory Fare makes every one of its dishes from scratch and delivers them in single-serving portions that are easy to reheat and serve. Most dishes are delivered frozen, which gives clients more flexibility in meal planning.

“What my clients are asking for is what I want: food that tastes good, is easy to reheat, and is delivered to your door,” Hughes said.

Since its launch, Savory Fare has expanded its staff from two – Hughes and Head Chef Rosa Muñoz – to more than a dozen employees and volunteers, all of whom joined the company because they are passionate about its mission statement: Nourish Others with Food that Delights.

“We know we make a difference in clients’ lives,” said fulfillment specialist Annette Joseph, “because they tell us so.”

Focusing its services in Greater Providence and East Bay, Savory Fare’s client base has grown exponentially in the last three years. In its first year, Savory Fare delivered home-cooked meals to 45 customers. As of January 2020, Savory Fare was serving nearly 150 homes from Pawtucket to Newport.

The delivery drivers, who are all volunteers, have developed warm relationships with many of the regular clients – in part, because they themselves are mostly seniors, too.

“We want our customers to be able to stay in their homes and be happy there,” Hughes said. “Food is such a big part of that. And there’s a connection that grows, when you visit with someone week by week.”

In addition to senior clients, Savory Fare supports the recovery of clients recovering from surgery. They also partner with the Gloria’s Angels meal delivery program, which delivers family meals to households battling cancer. (The service is made possible by sponsors and donors to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation.) One of Hughes’ favorite sayings is: “Good food is part of a life well lived.” For people caught in a stressful time in their lives, Savory Fare’s healthy, homemade comfort food makes a huge difference.

“We’re a safety net for our clients who find it challenging to grocery shop, stand and cook,” Hughes said. “And because we prepare our portion-controlled meals from scratch with fresh ingredients, no additives and just enough salt to provide good flavor, our food works for many clients who are careful about what they eat.”

“I’d be lost without Savory Fare,” said Kay, who has been a Savory Fare client since its beginning. She has trouble with prolonged walking and standing as well as arthritic hands, but she is able to continue living independently thanks to the meals delivered to her home each week. “Right from the start this service was wonderful. I always have prepared (and delicious) food in the freezer that I can heat up in the microwave with very little cleanup after eating.”

Continuing its tradition of feeding its clients with love, Savory Fare will be hosting a Birthday Bash on Sunday, March 15, 2020, in conjunction with the monthly Meet Your Maker event at Hope & Main – located at 691 Main St. in Warren. The event, which will run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. – will feature cooking demos, tasting tables, a chance to give feedback about the company website, and a fabulous birthday cake, baked especially for the occasion by master chef Rosa Munoz. The public is warmly invited to attend!

“The heart of the business,” Hughes said, “is a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We look forward to nourishing our clients with meals that delight for many, many more years to come!”