Dine with Skyline, photos by George Evans Marley
Dine with Skyline, photos by George Evans Marley
Dine with Skyline, photos by George Evans Marley

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Skyline at Waterplace for the VIP treatment at their first ever, Dine with Skyline by Russell Morin Catering and Events! I have to say, I was honored to be surrounded by some of Rhode Island’s culinary and press-related royalty.  However, nothing was more exciting than seeing Eat Drink RI’s own Katie Kleyla walk through the doors! It’s rare that she and I just get to enjoy an event without having to run around directing volunteers, setting up vendors or fronting a 20-piece big band. (That last one is obviously Katie.)

As we sat down we were greeted by a Russell Morin staple, the Forage Board. Served on a cutting board made from a slice of a tree, piles of berries, pickled artichoke, grilled asparagus, braised Brussels sprouts and these amazing cranberry baked goat cheese cakes that were beyond decadent. Through some bizarre miracle, this cheese was both smooth when it was spread on the perfectly toasted baguettes, yet crumbly when eaten whole! It was sweet but also savory. It was like a seasonal cranberry cheese cake? Is that a thing? I guess it’s a thing!

I was so excited for the brown butter lobster raviolis! They were packed with lobster! The next course was a hearty roasted tomato bisque served with roasted bacon jam! I don’t like soup. It’s concerning to me. However, this particular presentation made an impact on me. The full strip of bacon, parsley leaves and Parmesan crisp made this dish much more than soup! The most amazing piece of this dish is the bacon jam. It’s flavor was intense! It was bacon heaven. Like grab your halo, you’re gettin’ in to bacon-heaven. SO GOOD!

The next course was a lamb ragout in a deep fried hash brown bowl served alongside glazed and grilled yellow carrots. The dish was topped with the most beautiful beet greens. I wish the lighting did them justice! Now, I LOVE salad served as a last course. Salad is the best digestive tool. I will speak no further on that. You could tell the chef took his time arranging the greens. The endive, Gala apples and chevre were on point!

For dessert, the pot de creme was a nice treat! That you need to taste for yourself! After dinner we went upstairs to see Frank Young! He’s shakin’ his stuff at the Skyline Lounge on Friday nights! Go say “Hi” after dinner!

Their next dinner is TONIGHT! February 23, 2018 and the price includes: 5 Course Dinner, Complimentary Valet and Access to the Skyline Lounge.

Make reservations at dinewithskyline.com

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