Knead Doughnuts, photos by George Evans Marley
Knead Doughnuts, photos by George Evans Marley
Knead Doughnuts, photos by George Evans Marley

This past weekend we traveled though the city on an ol’ timey Poké-walk. (Remember the summer of 2016 when everyone was happy?) We hit up Poké-Gyms at the Arcade where I picked up some vintage 90’s Ninja Turtles Birthday Decorations at Carmen & Ginger and caught Squirtle and Pikachu along the river. Seriously, I love that this game is still a thing!

That’s when I stumbled upon the storefront for Knead Doughnuts tucked inside the Financial District on Custom House Road.

I’ve had Knead’s doughnuts before at Sin, White Electric and at events, but this was my first experience at their storefront. How had I missed this!?! I walked into doughnut paradise.

I had never tried their jelly doughnut so I figured this would be a special treat! I’m usually a glazed old-fashioned kinda guy. I did try the beautifully displayed samples, and a bite from each of doughnuts the people in my Poké-party bought. Come on, gotta try ‘em all!

The Jelly was defiantly my jam. The fruit filling was out of this world! It was made with real raspberries which gave me a charming false sense of hope that it counted towards a full serving of fruit. Regardless, it was a scrumptious selection.

I was eyeing the glazed chocolate chip old-fashioned and snuck a bite or two from Julio when he wasn’t looking. The crunch of the glaze, draped over fresh cake, filled with chocolate chips, and it tastes like a COOKIE! It’s mind blowing!

The blood orange doughnut was fresh, light and citrusy. Imagine that serviced with a mimosa at brunch! I’m so glad I can order ahead next time too!

We finished our snack and headed back out to find a Totchic and join a group of others to catch a Raquazar. Seriously.

If you’re ever in the need, visit Knead Doughnuts at 32 Custom House Street in Providence. They are open daily from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

See you there!

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