The Nitro Bar, photos by George Evans Marley
The Nitro Bar, photos by George Evans Marley
The Nitro Bar, photos by George Evans Marley

The other day I was wandering around the West Side of Providence and I stumbled upon The Nitro Bar. I had the pooch with me otherwise I would have sat inside the adorable cafe with large windows overlooking the hustle and bustle of Broadway. Even on the the coldest of winter days it’s great for people watching.

Though it was chilly outside, I am a creature of habit and ordered an iced coffee, and good thing too! This place specializes in ice cold coffee infused with nitrogen, making it like drinking a rich, creamy stout. It pours just the same way and even has a head on top! The menu of specialty drinks caught my eye and The Candy Bar was the winner. A Nitro Coffee, espresso and rich creamy chocolate. It was amazing!

Their baked goods come from Caprichos Antioqueños! I tried the ham and pineapple empanada and of course, a warm churro. Overall, I am not a fan of ham. It makes me uncomfortable. However, the combo of flakey crust and pineapple made all those traumatic memories melt away.

I’m a sucker for fried anything, but I have a soft spot for churros. My nephews and I went to Six Flags every summer and we always got a Theme Park Churro. We waited in longer lines for churros than for any roller coaster. I took one bite and it brought me back. It was soft and cake-y in the middle, and the crispy outside exploded with the flavor of sugar and cinnamon mixing together with each bite. It warmed my heart on this particularly brisk afternoon.

This charming establishment also doubles as Dash Bicycle shop so while you’re there, get a bike and try some of the awesome treats and specialty coffees! They are open every day from 7-7. Located at 228 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903

See you there!

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