PVDonuts, photo by George Evans Marley
PVDonuts, photo by George Evans Marley

It takes a hearty soul to stand outside on Ives Street during the winter. But, people from all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts do it every day for a taste of PVDonuts. Located on the East Side of Providence, this corner store has just enough room to pack the house, and the street corner, with donut enthusiasts and the curious. PVDonuts offers a wide menu of options of donuts and a handful of other baked goods.

This location was NOT PVDonuts’s first home. It’s success began in a shared storefront with Sin Bakery down on Allens Ave.  That’s when I first fell in love with these giant brioche treats. I had the pleasure of visiting that storefront twice, and ordered six donuts each time. I would have one and save the rest for friends later that day. BOTH TIMES my dog, Zee has jumped up on the counter and ATE all of them! She regretted it, but I can only imagine how happy she was while she was eating them.

Some of their flavors—like Milk & Cookies, a glazed brioche donut with Oreo chunks, Cereal & Milk which is covered in Fruity Pebbles and their Dave’s Coffee Milk which is covered in Dave’s Coffee flavored frosting—are here every day.  Other gems, like Puppy Chow, Gingerbread and their Friendsgiving donuts are made in limited batches.

They offer a wide-selection of seasonal beverages like Wright’s Farm egg nog, apple cider and house-made hot chocolate, and one of the best parts of a PVDonut morning is The Nitro Cart coffee served ice-cold every day. What is that you ask? Imagine starting your day with a coffee, poured like a Guinness, as smooth as silk and highly caffeinated—my favorite!

If you find yourself on the East Side in the morning, check out PVDonuts on the corner of Ives & Wickenden Streets.  You may have to wait, but it’s worth it!

Their current hours are:
Wednesday – Sunday
8 a.m. – 3 p.m., or ’til they sell out!

See you there!

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