Pizza J photos by George Evans Marley
Pizza J photos by George Evans Marley

What can be said about Pizza J that’s hasn’t been said already? I’ll do my best to try and add some personal flare to this blurb that will hopefully make you want to want to skip the delivery chain and head on over to one of Providence’s newest favorites.

Keeping with the style developed by the original hipster culinary playground, Julians, Pizza J has everything one could ever want in a remodeled west side garage: old school arcade games, rotating art galleries, Star Wars, the Muppets or a horror cult classic playing on the TV’s, walls of vintage collectibles and oh yeah, some really amazing food!

Before I talk about the food, I first have to mention the staff. If you enjoy having grumpy waiters who don’t know anything about the menu and only took the job because they needed an after school job for beer money while they’re scraping through college or living in mom and dad’s basement. This is NOT the place for you. This staff knows their stuff. They take pride in the chef’s choices in fresh ingredients, each of them have four or five of their favorite things on the menu that they are more than happy to recommend, they know about each of the 15 or so local artisanal brews they have on tap, and gosh darn it, they’re a lot of fun!

Since Pizza J has opened I’ve been there more times than I can count and every time, EVERY TIME, I’ve been blown away. My favorite are their smoked wings. They offer a variety of sauce options but mine will always be the sweet Thai chili! Pizza specials are offered daily and that’s usually what I get if I order a pizza. The freshest ingredients paired with a crispy wood fired crust and you get to watch the chef skillfully hand toss the handmade dough right before your eyes!

If you’re in the mood for a traditional hot “grinder” or “sub” or whatever you call it, their steak and cheese or chicken parm sando is the way to go.

Finish that off with a flight of beers or Louis’ special “George Cocktail” which is so special he doesn’t even know what’s in it and you’re in pizza heaven!

Try one of their homemade desserts too! You won’t be disappointed!

Check out their Facebook page or web site for daily specials, hours and fun pictures of the happenings at Pizza J!

See you there!

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