Edible Rhody Summer 2010, photos by Chip Riegel
Edible Rhody Summer 2010, photos by Chip Riegel

CNBC has posted a slideshow placing Providence in a list of ten of America’s Top Foodie Cities alongside the usual suspects San Francisco and Seattle. While there’s so much more to the city than the write-up of “‘stuffies’ . . .  ‘gaggers'” and the ubiquitous—well-deserved, as it may be—”Al Forno,” it looks like this listing was created in a more scientifically statistical way than subjective opinion.

Sperlings Best Places crunched numbers, using the following city data: ratio of local restaurants to chain restaurants, number of Whole Foods and cooking stores, number of wine shops, wine bars, craft breweries, and brew pubs; and the number of CSA (community supported agriculture) farms and local farmers markets. (Note: given populations are for metro areas.) – via The Daily Meal

In another nod to the strength of the local food community, four of the ten cities in the list are in New England. Interestingly, another five are on the west coast with the 10th being Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Edible Rhody story a 2011 EDDY Award Finalist

Congratulations to Edible Rhody in being named a 2011 EDDY Award Finalist from Edible Communities Publications for Best Editorial – Farmer or Rancher Profile “Birth of a Rhode Island Rye Bread” written by Elizabeth Field with photos by Chip Riegel. Edible Rhody Editor Genie McPherson Trevor and Publisher John Schenck were in Santa Barbara, California last night at the Edible Institute to receive the honor.

Dadekian is a contributor to Edible Rhody.

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