Tini Adds Frostbite Cocktails, Tini Pour and House Bottle to Drink Menu

Tini's Satan's Little Helper cocktail 1

Tini's Satan's Little Helper cocktail 1

Adding to their already excellent lineup of drinks, Tini introduced their Frostbite Cocktails, fittingly enough, on the Winter Solstice. The downtown destination restaurant has also added two new wine options called the Tini Pour and the Tini House Bottle.

The five new Frostbite Cocktails are named Hard Cider, Harder Cider, The Plush, Satan’s Little Helper (photographed here) and The North Pole. Since unveiling the new menu I’ve ordered all but the two Ciders. The Plush is a milk-based cocktail, almost egg nog in flavor but without any eggs. It’s very cool and refreshing. Both Satan’s Little Helper and The North Pole are prepared in front of the diner with a bit of cocktailing flourish. In the case of Satan’s Little Helper, Port is slowly poured over the back of a spoon so that it floats on top of the bourbon-based drink (see photo below). For The North Pole, Ruby Port is added as individual drops, equally spaced around the rim of the martini glass so that if you give your drink a little swirl it creates a kind of candy cane effect in the glass. They’re both visually fun and tasty cocktails.

“The Tini Pour and Tini House Bottle are both housed under the heading ‘Simplicity Preferred,'” said Chef Darius Salko. “They are wines of our choice, sold at a very accessible price, to alleviate the stress and anxiety of ordering wine.” The Tini Pour is $3.00 a glass and changes almost daily. The Tini House Bottle is priced at $15.00. Since adding the House Bottle to the menu Tini has served the Rapido Red, a Sangiovese wine from Puglia. This is subject to change. Salko continued, “It’s our way of saying anyone should be able to enjoy wine with dinner, even those who want to be frugal without losing quality. They are smaller pours but by no means are they just a sip.”

Tini, 200 Washington St., Providence, RI 02903.  Lunch: Tuesday – Saturday 12 -2 pm, Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 5 – 10 pm, Bar open until midnight. 401-383-2400.
Tini's Satan's Little Helper cocktail 2

Tini's Satan's Little Helper cocktail 2

Tini's Satan's Little Helper cocktail 3

Tini's Satan's Little Helper cocktail 3

3 thoughts on “Tini Adds Frostbite Cocktails, Tini Pour and House Bottle to Drink Menu

  • I was JUST thinking about that excellent cocktail I had at Tini. (do you think that means I have a problem? wait, don’t answer…) Love this place and can’t wait to take Doc!

  • When we first walked in we were very impressed with the
    décor and the style – menu on the wall, innovative lighting, etc.
    Then we ordered… I ordered the chicken schnitzel and my dining partner ordered
    a burger. I had never ordered schnitzel before, but seeing that everything on
    the menu was trendy and sophisticated, I had no worries – if fact I was excited
    to see what I may get.

    To my surprise, I received two thin dry pieces of deep fried

    I was shocked and disappointed. I told the waitress that I
    needed to order something else as I don’t eat deep fried food. She said sure. I
    left the chicken. Later, after finishing my substitute meal, the chicken was
    still there. I had to ask for it to be taken away.

    I then asked to have the chicken removed from the bill as I
    felt that it was not eatable – even for those who eat deep fried food. I was
    told that the chef intended to cook it that way, so NO.

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