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Daniele Juniper Berry Pinot Noir Salame
Providence Restaurant Weeks
Easy Entertaining's Fried Buffalo Chicken Skewers
Kinnan Dowie with First Lady Michelle Obama
Clockwise from lower left: Melissa Denmark, Jessica Wood, Maria Meza, Kaitlyn Roberts, Jordan Goldsmith

Dinner by Dames 2, Coming Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dinner by Dames brings together, for only the second time, five of Rhode Island’s most talented chefs for a multi-course dining event. Chefs Melissa Denmark of Gracie’s and Ellie’s Bakery, Jordan Goldsmith formerly of Garden Grille, Maria Meza of El Rancho Grande, Kaitlyn Roberts of Easy Entertaining Inc. and Jessica Wood of Fire and Water Restaurant Group, gather together for the first time to prepare signature dishes and a few treats for dinner guests.

The Cafe at Easy Entertaining