Bakes for Breast Cancer, Inc.

Charleston Wine + Food Festival Lambs + Clams Contest: Rappahannock River Oysters and Olde Salt Clams

Cooking contest number two in the Charleston Wine + Food Festival Lambs + Clams Contest (see the first contest post for details) was presented to me in a big cooler filled with ice packs—and Rappahannock River Oysters and Olde Salt Clams. Two dozen of each to be precise. I knew what I was making before the box[…]

Castle Hill Inn Hosts Clambakes with their New Oceanside Pit

“My goal and my hope for the clambakes here is that this is the best clambake location in New England,” Castle Hill Inn’s Executive Chef Karsten Hart told me as we stood by a long, shallow pit of expertly lined stones—a pit that was getting hotter by the minute from the wood fire in it[…]

Chef Matt Jennings in New England vs. New York chefs Super Bowl bet

Chef Matt Jennings of Farmstead & La Laiterie in Providence joins New England Patriots’ fans Chefs Jamie Bissonette, Tiffani Faison and Gabriel Frasca in putting their pride where their mouths are in a big Super Bowl bet against New York Giants’ fans Chefs Harold Dieterle, Lee Anne Wong and Michael Ferraro. The trash talk begin[…]