Clams at KitchenBar

The Blogetarian’s Review: KitchenBar

Last week our friend Marla wanted to go out for a martini at 4:45 when the husband and I got out of work. We all agreed, 4:45 was the time. At 3:30 we each got a picture of a half drank Ketel One dirty martini with extra green olives from the KitchenBar on Hope Street in Providence. Was this a test? Do we drop everything and rush out to start our Friday night early? No, we both have to work so Marla can wait until the time we had agreed upon.

Yacht Club Bottling Works’s Hillary’s Liberal Limeade and Donald’s Populist Punch

Yacht Club Bottling Works To Introduce Rhode Island’s First “Soda Pop Poll” Featuring Hillary’s Liberal Limeade & Donald’s Populist Punch

Yacht Club Bottling Works, celebrating their 101st year in operation, is adding another twist to this year’s presidential election with the release of their “Soda Pop Poll” duo of drinks – Hillary’s Liberal Limeade & Donald’s Populist Punch.

The Grange

The Blogetarian’s Review: The Grange

This weekend our friend from California came to visit. My partner and I always take her out to dinner and we usually like to bring her to someplace new, different and amazing and its really not that difficult having so much right here in Providence.