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  1. Mosaica
    Mosaica at | | Reply

    Oh, that last photo of the pie on the silpat, with those juices trickling down the side.. Yowza! It looks crazy delicious.

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply

      Thanks! It was really delicious. Easy enough that I could make it regularly. Great dish.

  2. Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite.com
    Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite.com at | | Reply

    I wish I had your skill with the pastry. Mine was errr. rather free form and a bit “rustic”. Yours looks great!

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply

      Thanks! I don’t know that I wouldn’t use free form and rustic to describe mine. It split in a few places. But it was O.K.

  3. Kimmy @ Lighter and Local
    Kimmy @ Lighter and Local at | | Reply

    Beautiful! I still have to finish my post up for tonight. I’ve been slacking. I do enjoy the pork pie!

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply

      Can’t believe I never made one like this before. Tasty!

  4. Scott_D
    Scott_D at | | Reply

    I baked my on a silpat too. My crust was fine, although I must say that the bottom was saturated with fat, making the inner part less than crisp. The outside was crisp though. I think the recipe makes a bit too much dough and consequently it gets rolled out too thick. I had quite a bit left over, enough for another small pie. I love the venison idea. I don’t get to eat it often enough.

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply

      Yes, the top part was plenty crusty, but like you said saturated with fat. It still tasted great!

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