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  1. Chip Riegel
    Chip Riegel at | | Reply

    Good stuff David! Love the blueberry shot.

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply

      Thank you, Chip!

  2. Karen
    Karen at | | Reply

    love the B+W shot at the end! nice pix!

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply


  3. Pat Beck
    Pat Beck at | | Reply

    Well done and beautifully photographed.  I love those people.  The honest accessible food is great without taking on airs.  Their passion for best quality local products and hard work shine through.  We local food producers are lucky to put our best in the hands of Bruce and Beau and Elizabeth and Doug.  Good on ya, lad….

  4. Clarese A
    Clarese A at | | Reply

    I was there, and it was a fabulous dinner. Your shots really capture the beauty of the food that was served, the people that were there, and the atmosphere we experienced. Thank you!

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

  5. Liz Madison
    Liz Madison at | | Reply

    Hi Mr. Dadekian. I have been searching online to get inspiration for a dinner I am planning, and I came across your photo of the dinner titled “A section of the table from the vineyard looking west”. Would you mind if I share this photo with my co-planner, so that my “vision” can be clear in her mind too? Beautiful work.

    1. David Dadekian
      David Dadekian at | | Reply

      Liz, thank you for the kind words. I certainly don’t mind you showing this page to your co-planner. The look and layout of the table is more about the traveling Outstanding in the Field group than the dinner, so you might want to look at their site as well.

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